Health Care

Nashville is home to a diverse health care cluster with leaders in a number of industry niches that impact the health care landscape locally, nationally and internationally. More than 400 health care companies are headquartered in the Nashville region, making health care the region's largest industry. Eighteen publicly traded health care companies call Nashville home, with combined employment of nearly 500,000 and $73 billion in global revenue. The health care industry is also the region's largest and fastest-growing employer, accounting for 250,000 jobs locally. 

“Why is Nashville the Silicon Valley of health care? I might ask you: Why wouldn’t it be? I don’t think there’s any other choice. It has the right people at the right time at the right place to solve the needs of health care in our ever-changing world.”

Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Jr.
Co-founder and chairman emeritus

Nashville's Health Care Industry

  • Nashville's health care industry cluster accounted for 25.6 percent of the Nashville MSA's nonfarm employment in 2014.
  • Ninety-five percent of Nashville Health Care Council CEOs indicate a Nashville headquarters location is important to their company's success.
  • Nashville's health care industry creates $21 billion in personal income.

“The health care industry means a great deal... You see its influence in almost everything that happens in the city and it is a growing part of our economy."

Karl Dean
Mayor, Nashville

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