The Strength of a Region

In 1963, Nashville became the first large U.S. city to adopt a consolidated city-county government. This pioneering metropolitan system of government has been key to our rapid growth as a city and region. Today, the Nashville Economic Market spans 10 counties and a population of 1.8 million, and Nashville-Davidson County is currently the largest metropolitan area in a five-state region. The Nashville metropolitan area forms the nucleus of a strong region that shares assets such as workforce, infrastructure, and quality-of-life amenities.

The strength of Nashville/Davidson County, coupled with the amenities and attractiveness of the surrounding counties, has resulted in a region that is able to compete in the world economy. With a diverse mix of industries and a broad base of regional stakeholders, Middle Tennessee is well-positioned for future prosperity.

"By leveraging the assets of the region as a whole, we have built a true regional partnership that is now a national model. This happened because public and private leadership created a strategic, focused effort to help our region successfully compete head-on with the best of the best."

Jim Wright
Executive Chairman, Tractor Supply Co.